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Top Three Waxing Myths

Top Three Waxing Myths

Waxing is intimidating. There are many myths and horror stories that people tell you about waxing. In reality, you won’t experience anything out of the ordinary as long as you take the necessary precautions. Taking a course so that you know how to wax yourself is highly recommended.  

1. It’s always painful 

Waxing can definitely be an uncomfortable process because you’re taking the hair follicle out of the skin. Whether or not it is always painful depends on the person and what’s being waxed. Some people have a higher pain threshold than others. For some people, the pain lessens over time if they wax continually. There are also some tricks you can do before getting waxed to make it less painful. A common trick is to take a pain reliever before getting waxed. 

image of wax and sticks

2. It’s awkward 

Waxing definitely doesn’t need to be an awkward or bad experience. If you’re with a professional wax technician, then they will make you feel more than comfortable in your appointment. It’s important to remember that everyone has a body and insecurities. It’s only human to feel uncomfortable in new situations, but hopefully, your technician will alleviate that. Whether you feel uncomfortable because of the area you’re getting waxed, how much hair you have, or because you’re not the typical clientele, you shouldn’t feel any shame in waxing. 

image of woman getting armpit waxed

3. Waxing will make my skin stretch 

This is where taking a waxing course comes in. If you’re waxing your own body and face, then you need to know the right tactics to prevent stretching and other mishaps. Taking a course to save yourself problems, pain and time is never a bad idea. However, if you see a wax technician, then they will likely take every possible precaution to avoid any stretching of your skin. If you frequently wax the skin on your face, you may notice some wrinkles, but there are always precautions that can be made. 

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