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Makeup Courses Online: Enhance Your Skillset

Makeup Courses Online: Enhance Your Skillset

A great makeup artist knows how to highlight their client’s best features and camouflage any features they dislike. Professional makeup artists who have taken makeup courses online and attained their beauty certificate online have a wide range of career options open to them. If you’re thinking of expanding your spa’s offerings, getting trained through online makeup courses could generate a whole new revenue stream. 

Skin Care: The Basis for Excellent Makeup Application  

The base for flawless makeup application is skin care. When you take Centre of Wellness’ makeup courses online, you’ll also learn facial cleansing procedures and how to assess skin types and conditions. Clean, glowing skin will give your client’s makeup all-day staying power. Understanding skin types and conditions can help you pick the proper products to apply and which ones to avoid. The wrong product combinations can leave your clients’ skin with a cakey, masked or uncomfortable appearance. 

Makeup Courses Online  

Online makeup artist courses can help you enhance your skills and increase your spa offerings. Learn how to magically minimize faults with industry secrets. This course covers shading, contouring, enhancing and softening skills that are essential to producing a polished makeup application. Enhancing your client’s natural beauty with these techniques will ensure your clients look and feel amazing. This course is ideal for those who wish to do makeup for special occasions such as weddings, proms, graduation ceremonies or photo shoots  

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Beauty Training Course Topics Covered 

The Centre of Wellness believes in providing easy to follow online courses with all the pertinent information to increase your makeup application skills. Perhaps the best part about this course is being able to apply your knowledge to your own makeup routine 

This course covers the following topics:  

  • Facial Cleansing Procedure  
  • Facial Analysis  
  • Contouring  
  • Highlighting and corrections  
  • Product selection  
  • Skin and hair colour indications  
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These topics are covered in-depth in our online training videos and theory books, including step-by-step written procedures. After you feel you’ve adequately prepared, you’ll take a multiple-choice test and a self-assessment review.  

Study At-Home While Obtaining Your Online Beauty Certificate  

One of the best parts taking makeup courses online through Centre of Wellness is the freedom to study on your own time! This class works around your schedule, allowing you to complete it when, where and how fast you’d like. There is a high demand for an artistic makeup career worldwide throughout a variety of industries.  

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