Featured Online Course: Ear Candling

Learn the fascinating history of this amazing elimination technique, and be provided with the procedure for this simple and time-proven therapy.

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  • Spa Manicure & Pedicure Online Course

    Centre of Wellness | Beauty Training Courses Online | Massage, Waxing Facials |
    $299.00 AUD
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    In the spa manicure and pedicure training you will be shown how to professionally care for the hands and feet, including the nails and surrounding structures. You will learn not only the standard manicure and pedicure procedure, and a comprehensive, professional hand and foot massage, but you will also learn how to incorporate the wonderful Paraffin Wax and Mask therapies into the regime, giving your client a therapeutic Spa Manicure and Pedicure Treatment.

  • Spray Tan Online Course

    Centre of Wellness | Beauty Training Courses Online | Massage, Waxing Facials |
    $125.00 AUD
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    Spray on Tan is a very lucrative modality to add to your Beauty Clinic as very little time is invested and the result is immediate. With this easy-to-learn application method, you will discover all the little ‘tricks of the trade’ and be shown how to properly use a spray tan machine for the best result. The procedure taught will ensure that you have the skill to spray the body evenly and professionally. Pre-care and After-care advice for your client is included.

  • Swedish Massage Online Course

    Centre of Wellness | Beauty Training Courses Online | Massage, Waxing Facials |
    $299.00 AUD
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    Regular massage can release emotional tension and promote physical health, and the Swedish Massage procedure that is included in this course will give you the skills to achieve this. It is totally comprehensive, very professional and a big step above the traditional ‘beauty therapy relaxation’ massage, as the techniques and sequences work with the body and in particular the circulation, as we proceed with the Back, Neck, Shoulders, Legs, Arms, Stomach, Face and Head.

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Who are we?

Claire Coleman started her first Beauty Salon – Beauty and Beyond – in 1993 in a southern suburb of Perth, Western Australia. Over the next few years she studied Natural and Chinese Medicine, Clinical Acupuncture and Remedial Massage, and added these to her treatment menu.

By 2002 the business had outgrown its premises and a purpose built facility was needed. The Centre of Wellness was built and opened its doors to a full tenant list that included Beauty & Beyond, a Naturopathic Clinic, Hair Salon, Podiatrist, Chiropractor, Counsellors, Psychic, Meditation, Pilates, Yoga and Feldenkrais.

More About the Centre

Our Courses

There are 17 individual courses that offer a Certificate from the Centre of Wellness. The time frame of each course varies but generally each course takes approx 5-20 days to complete, depending on your choice of course and your time commitment.

Once you have paid you will then receive immediate access to the online Course Theory Book, written step-by-step treatment  Procedure, List of Products and Equipment needed, Multiple Choice Test, Self-Asessment Review and the Practical one-on-one Training Video. You will also need to complete a treatment session on 3 ‘clients’ and complete the online self-assessment review of the treatments performed.

As we were an RTO, the training is Diploma level,  and the comprehensive training videos were filmed by a Channel 9 cameraman, so they are extremely professional and you get close ups and full body shots of every step of each procedure.

Once you have completed your first course, you will receive a coupon code for 10% discount on your next chosen course, that is valid for one month. If you have more than one course in mind, then please check out our Course Bundles which are discounted by 20%.

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