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The Health Benefits Of Massage Therapy

  Background and Physiological Effects of Massage Therapy Almost every culture has its own massage therapy system, including pressing and rubbing a specific area of the body to reduce muscular pain and burden. Massage therapy dates back to 1600BC, and Hippocrates mentioned the application of massage therapy in his famous book, Canon, around 400 BC.…

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What is Reflexology?

The History of Reflexology Reflexology is an old therapeutic method practiced by the ancient Egyptians, early Chinese, and North American Indian tribes for many centuries. In the early 20th century, Dr. William Fitzgerald, a US ear, nose, and throat specialist, observed that by applying pressure to the specific regions of the hands and foot, an…

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Waxing Courses On Sale

Searching for the next course for you to take? It's time to learn about WAXING! Whether it's for yourself or a client, knowing the best practices is a must. Look no further for your online course sale, we have it here: Buy Full Body Wax, Get Brazilian Wax FREE! That's $125.00 off! You might be…

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Antiseptic Awareness in August

It’s imperative to look at your salon’s hygiene through COVID-glasses. Impeccable hygiene has always been incredibly important, but it’s now become vital. There are 2 types of hygiene products that can help prevent the spread of coronavirus; barrier products like gloves, masks and bedsheets, and disinfecting products like sprays, soaps and gels. For total salon…

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Home Study Beauty Courses

There are so many reasons that taking a beauty course is a good idea. The online option when it comes to courses offers a new world of convenience, especially given the current world circumstances.   Why should you take an online beauty course? Let us tell you.  1. You’re eager to learn but you’re busy …