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5 Tips To Perfect Brows

Our eyebrows are an important part of our facial anatomy. They protect our eyes from dust, moisture, and debris, along with providing a unique definition to our entire face. Their shape can range from sleek and tidy to unruly and wiry. Brow and lash maintenance is a constant part of many beauty routines all year…

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Spray Tan Online Course

  The sun is radiating and many people are thinking of their suntan situation. How do you feel about UV rays affecting your health and well-being? The days of baking our skin outside or lounging in traditional tanning beds have been on the decline with more skin cancer evidence becoming apparent every year. The Centre…

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Makeup Courses Online: Enhance Your Skillset

A great makeup artist knows how to highlight their client’s best features and camouflage any features they dislike. Professional makeup artists who have taken makeup courses online and attained their beauty certificate online have a wide range of career options open to them. If you’re thinking of expanding your spa’s offerings, getting trained through online…

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New! Online Beauty Course Bundles

We've bundled select online Beauty courses together to offer you even more value. Buy a bundle and save 20%! For a limited time, we are offering special online beauty course bundles. These sets of complementary courses were created to give students even more options in expanding their beauty skills. Body Exfoliation + Swedish Massage Exfoliation is…

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Facial Courses Online & Skin Care

Facial courses online can dramatically increase your spa offerings and enhance your ability to encourage well-being. Completing a facial course from The Centre of Wellness on your own time, around your existing busy schedule, is ideal. Imagine, logging in and completing your reading or videos while you enjoy your commute or during your lunch. Regardless,…

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Grow Your Skills With Online Waxing Courses

Waxing services make up a significant portion of spa visits. In fact, more men and women undergo waxing procedures now than ever before. As regrowth is almost inevitable, this is an excellent niche clientele that can easily turn into regular customers. The Centre of Wellness offers waxing certification with our online beauty courses. Earn your waxing certification…

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Get Your Waxing Certification Online

Centre of Wellness Waxing Certification & Online Waxing Course Plenty of people are on the prowl for body & facial waxing services. The body hair removal industry revenue was nearly $600 million only a few years ago with projected three percent annual industry growth rate! Taking advantage of this growing trend by training with our…

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Contests & Giveaways!

Every month we do a giveaway contest on Facebook & Instagram! Make sure you are following us and keep you eyes peeled for our contest posts Like us on Facebook Follow us on Instagram Please feel welcome to join our Facebook group which has been formed for all past, present and future students who have…