Frequently Asked Questions

You can study at your own convenience, in your own time and at your own pace, repeating any lesson as many times as you need to. This is one-on-one training at its best.

If you are experiencing any difficulty at all, assistance is only an email away. You will get a reply as quickly as whatever the time zone difference allows – 7 days a week.

Apart from the Remedial Massage Course (Swedish Massage Experience is a requirement) there are no pre-requisites, as everything you need to know from A to Z is covered in each course. All the courses have been designed with the understanding that you have no prior knowledge of the subject.

Once you have chosen and paid for the course you want to complete, you will be granted immediate access to the training website where you will receive the Course theory book, written step-by-step Procedure, List of products and Equipment needed, Multiple Choice Test, Practical one-on-one Training Video and the Self-Assessment Review.

There is no time restriction on your access to the training website, nor the time it takes to receive certification.

There are no practical exams or assignments, but once you have completed the theory book and gained confidence with your practical skills, there is a Multiple Choice Test which you must sit and pass, and complete a Self-Assessment Review once you have treated 3 clients.  This assessment will prove your understanding of both the theory and practical sides of the course and then your Certificate will be released.

The Centre of Wellness was an RTO delivering the Diplomas of Beauty Therapy, Reflexology and Remedial Massage as well as the Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, but as soon as the Government dismissed the requirement for Nationally Recognised Training, they relinquished their RTO status , as a need was recognized for one-on-one quality training.

All the courses listed online today have all been extracted from the relevant Diploma and offered as stand-alone practical units that deliver competency, confidence and a Certificate from the Centre of Wellness Training Academy..

Our Certificate is legal and valid for use anywhere in Australia and also many other countries in the world – to work from home, work in a salon or start your own business. It is also recognized in the industry for wholesale and insurance purposes.

If you are outside of Australia, you will need to check locally to see if any licensing requirements or regulations are in force or more formal qualifications are required.

You will need everything on the equipment and products list, and  3 models to practice on, preferably ones who go to a professional salon for the service you are learning, so they can provide constructive feedback to you.

All possible problems the student may encounter are covered in both the theory and the video, and remedies or practical solutions are given.

If you still have questions that need answering, help is only an email away and an reply is given within 24 hours.

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