Grow Your Business


As Beauty and Massage Therapists, we must Build our Businesses if we want to be successful. We must evolve with our clients and keep pace with our Industry. 80% of your business is likely to come from 20% of your clients and this course is designed to give you strategies to grow this percentage, keep existing clients engaged and new clients manifesting.

Plan Your Business


Success does not just happen, and it certainly does not happen overnight, or with no effort, or with no plan. This unit is designed to get you thinking and planning the baby steps needed to begin your journey to success.

Professional Ethics


Massage and Beauty Therapy as professional careers offer many opportunities and rewards to anyone who has received a thorough training, has empathy to and understanding of their clientele’s needs and wants, and most importantly, who has developed a strong professional standard and superior work ethic.



This intensive online reflexology course will enable you to provide your clients with a full one hour Reflexology Treatment, utilizing the Thai Wooden Reflexology Tool. Learn how to create a reflex action in a muscle or organ when it is activated by energy from a point of stimulus on the body. In reflexology the point of stimulus is on the hand or foot, and the treatment can easily be combined with a Swedish Massage or a Spa Pedicure.

Lash and Brow Tinting


In the lash and brow tinting training you will learn colour selection, how to prepare the area, apply the tint, keep the client relaxed while the tint reacts, and then safely remove the product. There are safety concerns and precautions when it comes to applying chemical concoctions so close to the eye, so comprehensive training is absolutely necessary to avoid any mishaps or disaster stories. Lash and brow tinting is one of the most effective treatments you can give your client to enhance their natural beauty and accentuate their facial features.

Facial Waxing


Facial hair is a natural part of being human, but as women age, their hormones can make the hair growth on the face more prolific, causing embarrassment and unhappiness, so facial waxing becomes much more of a necessity than a luxury. In the facial waxing training we teach you how and when to work with strip and hot wax, and show you which wax works best in each area. We cover all areas of the face including the Lip, Chin, Sides of Face and the shaping, trimming, waxing, reshaping and plucking of the Brow.

Brow Waxing, Shaping, Restyling, Trimming and Plucking


The eyebrows help to protect the eyes from moisture and dust, and cushion the skin from physical injury. Bushy and unkempt eyebrows give an untidy appearance to the face but when the brows are correctly shaped, waxed, trimmed and finally plucked – the new brows give balance to the facial features, enhance the eyes, and distract from other facial imperfections. This is an all encompassing course for those who want to master brow perfection.

Full Body Waxing including Face and Bikini


In the full body waxing course we teach you not only Procedures and Preparation, Health and Hygiene, but most importantly how and when to work with strip and hot wax, and we how you which wax works best in each area. All the areas of the body that are most frequently asked for are taught, including Brow, Lip, Chin, Sides of Face, Underarm, Full Arm, Full Leg and Bikini Sides. Waxing is definitely the most requested treatment and as such, is the best income earner of the Beauty Therapist’s regime.

Swedish Massage


Regular massage can release emotional tension and promote physical health, and the Swedish Massage procedure that is included in this course will give you the skills to achieve this. It is totally comprehensive, very professional and a big step above the traditional ‘beauty therapy relaxation’ massage, as the techniques and sequences work with the body and in particular the circulation, as we proceed with the Back, Neck, Shoulders, Legs, Arms, Stomach, Face and Head.

Aromatherapy Massage


The Aromatherapy Massage course familiarizes you with the therapeutic uses, properties and benefits of Essential Oils, and teaches you how to incorporate them into a quality Swedish Massage. The procedure you will learn is totally comprehensive, very professional and a big step above the traditional ‘beauty therapy relaxation’ massage, as the techniques and sequences work with the body and in particular the circulation as we proceed with the Back, Neck, Shoulders, Legs, Arms, Stomach, Face and Head. Included is an invaluable Aromatherapy Ailment Resource List for your knowledge and future reference.



A facial is a combination of skin care treatments for the face, with the mainstay of the facial procedure being the cleansing routine, and the mask the ‘engine’ of the facial. You will learn all about Facials – from the short Deep Cleanse procedure- or Express Facial – through to the advanced Standard Facial and onto the more intensive Deluxe Facial. The facial massage routine included in this course is totally comprehensive, very professional and a big step above the traditional ‘beauty therapy’ facial massage.

Body Exfoliation and Mud Wrap


Exfoliation is enormously beneficial because it removes dead skin cells, revealing the fresher, younger skin cells below, and once the skin has been rejuvenated with the exfoliation, it is the perfect time to conduct a Mud Wrap to nourish this new skin. This Day Spa Therapy is relaxing, revitalizing and detoxifying.  Learn how to perform a Full Body Exfoliation followed by a warm Parafango Mud Wrap Treatment, without the need or use of a shower facility.

Spray Tan


Spray on Tan is a very lucrative modality to add to your Beauty Clinic as very little time is invested and the result is immediate. With this easy-to-learn application method, you will discover all the little ‘tricks of the trade’ and be shown how to properly use a spray tan machine for the best result. The procedure taught will ensure that you have the skill to spray the body evenly and professionally. Pre-care and After-care advice for your client is included.

Ear Candling


Ear Candling is a natural and effective way of removing excess wax and debris from the inner ear canal. You will learn the fascinating history of this amazing elimination technique, and be provided with the procedure for this simple and time-proven therapy that is very effective, non-invasive and gentle. It is recommended for both children and adults, and both will find it a relaxing and therapeutic treatment, designed to improve hearing, mental clarity, energy and a sense of well-being.

Brazilian Waxing


This course covers all types and aspects of Brazilian Waxing, whilst totally looking after the model’s dignity and modesty. If you are unsure about performing this procedure, then this course will give you the confidence in your skill set, as it concentrates specifically on the best procedure and the unique skills needed to perform the treatment properly and professionally, all the time protecting the client’s privacy and ensuring minimal pain.

Make Up


A good makeup artist will use their skills and experience to accentuate their client’s best features and to minimize and camouflage the flaws. Our makeup course not only teaches you how to design and apply makeup but includes the Deep Cleansing Facial procedure which we believe should come before every good makeup application. This prepares the skin and ensures the makeup artist has a blank palette to begin with. This is a great course for anyone who wants to know the correct procedure for a make-up application that is perfect for weddings, school balls or special occasions.

Remedial Massage


This Remedial massage process deals with the problem where it is manifesting in the body and traces it to its origin. It is a scientific, specific and systematic method of eliminating toxic wastes, blocks, tension and fibrous connective tissue throughout the muscular system. Therefore competency in Swedish Massage should always be a pre-requisite when ever you want to add this modality to your repertoire. Our training concentrates on resolving any issues, pain or restriction in the body, by utilizing the techniques associated with Deep Soft Tissue Massage and incorporating Ischaemic Compression Techniques, Trigger Point Therapy, Chinese Suction Cup Treatment, and Acupressure.

Hot Stone Massage


This massage is used for deep tissue release, as the heat from the stones helps the muscles relax, allowing the therapist to manipulate the deep tissues more effectively, bringing healing and balance to the body, mind and spirit. Therefore you will receive comprehensive training on a Hot Stone Massage Procedure. We concentrate on stone placement and the different techniques that enable you to work with the stones to greatly enhance the benefits of the Massage Treatment.

Spa Manicure and Pedicure


In the spa manicure and pedicure training you will be shown how to professionally care for the hands and feet, including the nails and surrounding structures. You will learn not only the standard manicure and pedicure procedure, and a comprehensive, professional hand and foot massage, but you will also learn how to incorporate the wonderful Paraffin Wax and Mask therapies into the regime, giving your client a therapeutic Spa Manicure and Pedicure Treatment.

Ear Piercing


Identification and analysis of the client’s face, ear shape and size will help you to recommend suitable earrings and appropriate placement, ensuring the client’s satisfaction. So in the ear piercing training we concentrate on health and safety, and the correct procedure for lobule piercing, including how to use the gun, how to prepare the site and the client for the experience to come, the best earring placement, and comprehensive after-care advice.

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