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Behind the Online Courses: Breaking Down Education Barriers

Behind the Online Courses: Breaking Down Education Barriers

The owner of this online course platform, Claire, has had a series of events in her life that drew her to create this unique business. 

Everyone deserves to get a quality education that they can use to make money. Oftentimes, when you are studying in school the professors and teachers make you learn things that are not applicable once you graduate. Claire made it her mission to bypass all of the nonsense and to create courses that anyone can do, with course content that always will apply in the working world.  

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In the Beauty Training Courses, you’re able to make the courses fit YOUR schedule 

The most common problem as a student is having to make money to put yourself through school and while managing a dense course load. With online courses, you’re able to make the course schedule fit your life. 

Claire put herself through school while also being a single mother. Claire explained that she wishes she would have had an option to do courses online rather than in school. Life was busy, and it gets hard to accomplish everything to the best of your ability when you’re spread so thin.   

me at Nikkis wedding croppedThe only option I had was to go to a registered beauty school and learn in a classroom situation with 22 other students. We definitely did not get quality training or individual attention and learned a lot of useless theory that we never used in real life.”  

As a whole, Beauty Training Courses Online was created because it is essential for working women, busy women, or anyone hoping to get an education to feel like they can. There needs to be fewer barriers when it comes to getting an education so that more people can feel empowered to grow their skill set, have control over their schedule, and are able to live their lives without breaking the bank.

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