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Do’s and Don’ts After A Facial

Do’s and Don’ts After A Facial

Do you love pampering yourself and your friends or family? Perhaps, you have wanted to take your skincare to the next level for fun or for your spa clients? Enjoy the flexibility of studying in the comfort of your own home with The Centre Of Wellness. Our online course bundles are available to help you maximize your residential or commercial  spa services! Discover how you can enjoy learning about the proper techniques with these complimentary courses and save big when purchasing course bundles like our Facials + Makeup online beauty training courses. Teach your clients how to care for their skin with the following do’s and don’ts after a deep cleansing facial.

Do’s After Facials:

  • Drink lots of water after your spa service to keep your skin hydrated and facilitate toxin release. Healthy skin glows much more noticeably with clean, fresh pores that remain hydrated. Did you know that many fine lines practically disappear once skin cells have the ultimate moisture balance?
  • Exfoliate gently on a weekly basis after your facial to keep dead skin cells at bay. Flaky, dull skin can add years to your face. Oil and sebum buildup can be gently removed with soft, fine scrubs. Use careful, circular motions to softly slough away buildup but never scrub so hard that your face is red afterward. While it can be tempting to exfoliate every day, this can prove to be extremely harsh for your skin.
  • Wear SPF sun protection every day to keep your skin safe from harmful UV Rays.
  • Invest in a quality Vitamin C Serum to use daily after cleansing and prior to your moisturizer or sunscreen. Vitamin C is required by the cells in your body to maintain a youthful glow. Incorporating this powerful anti-oxidant into your skincare can help alleviate environmental toxins from settling into your skin and boost collagen production (which can slow down during the aging process).
  • Book your next appointment while you are paying for your facial to help establish a professional skincare routine for continuous results.
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Don’ts After Facials

  • Do not visit a sauna or steam room immediately after your invigorating spa service. Your newly cleansed pores are clean, open and sensitive. You may be prone to allowing bacteria to enter your pores, or you may experience an ultra-red face for quite some time after entering a hot and humid environment. Broken capillaries could result in permanent skincare damage that can only disappear with the help of laser action.
  • Don’t pick at any skincare irritation or blemishes that arise after the deep-cleansing facial. Some clients may experience small blemishes coming to the surface once their facial is complete or up to a few days after. This is completely normal as toxins are being removed from your skin. It can be tempting to pick at your face after the facial, however, this can lead to scarring and bacteria from your hands and nails can re-enter your skin and lead to more issues.
  • Do not go suntanning or sunbathing right after your facial. Your skin can be ultra sensitive post-facial and absorbing rays can lead to easier sunburns and skin damage. We recommend using a safe SPF daily, even during the winter months to combat UV exposure.


Your Facial Clients Love New Makeup Techniques

Helping yourself and your  clients discover the best way to be gentle and proactive with skincare is rewarding. Hearing which problems have led to stress and low self-esteem and then having nourishing options to share is the personal service that your spa guests, family and friends are seeking. Become educated on the pros and cons of specific skincare needs to achieve that youthful, healthy glow everyone is after. Once the face is perfectly cleansed, it can be fun to experiment with different makeup looks to evolve with the season, the latest styles, aging skin and much more.

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