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Top Three Waxing Myths

Waxing is intimidating. There are many myths and horror stories that people tell you about waxing. In reality, you won’t experience anything out of the ordinary as long as you take the necessary precautions. Taking a course so that you know how to wax yourself is highly recommended.   1. It's always painful  Waxing can definitely be an…

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The Benefits Of Ear Candling

The benefits of ear candling have been recorded and reputed since the days of ancient Egypt and possibly further back. Our delicate and tiny ear canals can easily become plugged up due to excessive wax buildup. This natural process within our bodies can be complicated by allergies, flying, the common cold and simply genetics. The…

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Spray Tan Online Course

  The sun is radiating and many people are thinking of their suntan situation. How do you feel about UV rays affecting your health and well-being? The days of baking our skin outside or lounging in traditional tanning beds have been on the decline with more skin cancer evidence becoming apparent every year. The Centre…



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