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The Benefits Of Ear Candling

The Benefits Of Ear Candling

The benefits of ear candling have been recorded and reputed since the days of ancient Egypt and possibly further back. Our delicate and tiny ear canals can easily become plugged up due to excessive wax buildup. This natural process within our bodies can be complicated by allergies, flying, the common cold and simply genetics.

The Centre Of Wellness has an ear candling training course you can take in the comfort of your own home. Earn your ear candling certification and discover how to naturally “turn up the volume,” with this holistic practice.

Some of the benefits of ear candling include:

  • Gently removing excessive wax
  • Helping plugged ears equalize better before flying
  • Help to alleviate stuffy, head-cold symptoms and pressure
  • Relieve sinus pressure
  • Relaxation and so much more

Does Ear Candling Work?

There are many scary stories on the internet regarding ear candling gone wrong. However, our ear candling course covers all of the pertinent safety details and anatomy that you need to succeed.

The benefits of ear candling can be recognized when you are working with a trained professional and quality product. People who undergo regular ear candling sessions will tell you about how relaxing and soothing this experience is.


Tips For Ear Candling Success

  • Have a buddy with you for supervision.
  • Alternatively, if you are experienced and doing a treatment alone, lay down on the floor (on a blanket or towel), in front of a mirror.
  • Have scissors, a tin-foil covered plate or another type of protection to place the ear candle through with a bowl of water.
  • Ensure that there is no draft in the room you are working in. Turn off any fans and keep your distance from heat registers.
  • Once you are laying on your side with the ear candle gently placed inside your ear canal, light the end of the candle.
  • If the flame stays straight up and erect, there is no draft and you can proceed. If the flame is dancing wildly, relocate or address the source of the draft.
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Preparing for Holiday Travel

The upcoming busy travel season is a popular time for enthusiasts to enjoy a cozy ear candling session. Clearing out the ears may help to reduce pressure and the popping or pressure during air travel. It is recommended to complete your ear candling a few days or the week before your flight. Many people range from using ear candles bi-annually to during seasonal changes, while some swear by monthly sessions.

Earn Your Ear Candling Certification Today!

Studying at home with The Centre Of Wellness is a wonderful way to keep learning new health and beauty routines! Perfect your skills and increase your knowledge. Use your newfound skills on your friends and family or yourself and spa clients.

The possibilities are endless when you enjoy online beauty training courses such as the benefits of ear candling with us!

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