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How to Become a Good Masseuse

What qualifications must a masseuse have? Aspiring masseuses must complete professional training, pass a stringent exam, and submit to a background investigation by their state. They also need to form a set of good habits that will help them succeed in their line of work. A long tenure in massage therapy necessitates the development of…


How to Become a Successful Beauty Therapist

Gone are the days when the job of being a beautician was deemed low profile, and the younger generation did not really want to pursue it as a career, even if they were quite interested in it. Currently, becoming a beauty therapist is one of the best and most lucrative employment possibilities for young people.…

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Home Study Beauty Courses

There are so many reasons that taking a beauty course is a good idea. The online option when it comes to courses offers a new world of convenience, especially given the current world circumstances.   Why should you take an online beauty course? Let us tell you.  1. You’re eager to learn but you’re busy …

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Core Values: Stay Home Safe Course Sale

Core values are the foundation that a business stands on and what inspires entrepreneurs to better themselves and help those around them.  Course Affordability  One of Claire’s primary beliefs is that you should always get what you pay for. Many people can’t afford formal education which is where Beauty Training Courses come in. Once you…

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Top Three Waxing Myths

Waxing is intimidating. There are many myths and horror stories that people tell you about waxing. In reality, you won’t experience anything out of the ordinary as long as you take the necessary precautions. Taking a course so that you know how to wax yourself is highly recommended.   1. It's always painful  Waxing can definitely be an…

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Do’s and Don’ts After A Facial

Do you love pampering yourself and your friends or family? Perhaps, you have wanted to take your skincare to the next level for fun or for your spa clients? Enjoy the flexibility of studying in the comfort of your own home with The Centre Of Wellness. Our online course bundles are available to help you…

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Makeup Courses Online: Enhance Your Skillset

A great makeup artist knows how to highlight their client’s best features and camouflage any features they dislike. Professional makeup artists who have taken makeup courses online and attained their beauty certificate online have a wide range of career options open to them. If you’re thinking of expanding your spa’s offerings, getting trained through online…

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Grow Your Skills With Online Waxing Courses

Waxing services make up a significant portion of spa visits. In fact, more men and women undergo waxing procedures now than ever before. As regrowth is almost inevitable, this is an excellent niche clientele that can easily turn into regular customers. The Centre of Wellness offers waxing certification with our online beauty courses. Earn your waxing certification…


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