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Entrepreneurship, Freelancing, & Becoming Successful in the Beauty Industry

Entrepreneurship, Freelancing, & Becoming Successful in the Beauty Industry

There is a reason that courses exist, no one ever starts from absolutely nothing. It always begins with an idea, an interest, and an education. You have the power to become an entrepreneur in the beauty industry. You just have to take the time to develop your passion. 

Centre of Wellness recently published a new course, it’s called Grow Your Business. The courses that have recently been added to the website create a guide for your success. The courses are: 

These act as a series in a way, if you take all these courses in the sequence listed, then you’re setting yourself up for success. Professional Ethics gives you the background information you need to feel educated in treating your guests and co-workers in a professional manner. The Professional Ethics course is an excellent resource for anyone hoping to enhance their clients’ experience. 

Plan Your Business assists you in achieving your entrepreneurial goals. Planning your business is essential to your success. There are varying factors that come into play when starting a new beauty salon or spa. This course is a key factor in making sure you think about all the essential functions. 

Lastly, Grow Your Business is a course for those who want to go above and beyond. After planning and creating your business, it will be time to grow. There are strategies in this course that will help you reach your goal of clients and income. Learn the way to leave a lasting positive impression that expands your client base. 

strong woman that took beauty training courses to grow her business

A quote from Claire, Owner of Centre of Wellness: 

There is always a new challenge, another step to take forward, no matter how successful or unsuccessful the last step was. Do not ever stop looking for that next skillset you can acquire on your road to success – and most importantly – there is nothing to be ashamed of in being successful and making money. Clients will always get their treatments done and spend their money somewhere – it might as well be with you! 

Personality – keep letting your personality shine through and the client will keep coming back to you. 

Students why away from asking people for money, they’re going to spend their money elsewhere if they don’t give it to you. May as well ask for the money.  

Ring the salons in the area and get an average for what their charging, then charge your friends or family member X% off to get started.  

Don’t be too scared to ask for money, BE CONFIDENT. Value yourself! Cover the cost of your past and future education. 

In JULY ONLY, get the Grow Your Business Course FREE with the purchase of any other course! 

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