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Core Values: Stay Home Safe Course Sale

Core Values: Stay Home Safe Course Sale

Core values are the foundation that a business stands on and what inspires entrepreneurs to better themselves and help those around them. 

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Course Affordability 

One of Claire’s primary beliefs is that you should always get what you pay for. Many people can’t afford formal education which is where Beauty Training Courses come in. Once you purchase a course, you have lifetime access to it. You can earn the money back that you put into the training courses without any stress of debt for your educationYou can get an education and further yourself for an affordable price. 


Claire wants to constantly provide her students with value in her courses. Many post-secondary education professors and teachers have never practiced in their field that they’re teaching about. They also often teach things that are unnecessary for the student to know and that don’t apply to the student after the completion of a course. Sometimes teaching from a dated book isn’t the best way to learn best practices for a workplace. 


This is a huge key component of the training courses. Whether it be through the courses or contacting Claire herself, communication is always the number one. Additionally, if you do have questions for Claire, the best way to reach her is by email, or in her Beauty Training Courses Facebook Group. 


Growing her business and remaining involved in her student’s education, it is evident that Claire is extremely passionate about what she does. Giving people an opportunity to get an education no matter the circumstances is what keeps her motivated. All you need is wifi and a device to learn. 


Lastly, Claire is very passionate about empowering women to start a career and make their own money. Claire loves the fact that she can empower women to become autonomous in their endeavors and begin building a career and life that they can be proud of. 

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The state of the world is complicated right now. It’s difficult for humans not to strategize for the future but right now it’s never been more difficult to do that. COVID-19 has created incredible barriers for people in terms of their work, education, and mental health. 

To help reduce the burden that we are all facing, we are offering 50% off individual beauty courses. Study at home safe! You get lifetime access to your course. 


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