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Get Your Waxing Certification Online

Get Your Waxing Certification Online

Centre of Wellness Waxing Certification & Online Waxing Course

Plenty of people are on the prowl for body & facial waxing services. The body hair removal industry revenue was nearly $600 million only a few years ago with projected three percent annual industry growth rate! Taking advantage of this growing trend by training with our online waxing courses.

Our online waxing course programs can enhance your spa offerings. The Centre of Wellness features a plethora of specialty classes to earn your waxing certification online including:

Facial Waxing Course

Understanding the delicate nature of the skin on the face and which facial waxing course techniques are the most gentle for wax application and removal is essential. Discover how to contour the eyebrows and how to safely and efficiently remove the fuzz from the upper lip. Offer your spa clients specialized waxing services that can counteract the excess hair growth that often occurs with hormonal changes. Learn about Skin Function, Procedures and Preparation, Diseases and Disorders, Products and Equipment and whether to choose Hot or Strip Wax for particular applications. The Centre of Wellness can help your entire staff with their waxing certification online. Start with our Facial Waxing Course and move through each lesson for optimal results. Our online waxing course includes a theory book, video, written procedures and multiple choice test for comprehensive training.

Centre-of-Wellness-brow-wax-and-tint-online-waxing-courseEyebrow Waxing Course

Your bridal clients, prom, grad and Mother’s Day spa services will generate even further revenue once you become certified with our Eyebrow Waxing Course. Learn the intricate details involved with brow waxing, shaping, restyling, trimming and plucking. Eyebrows frame the face and add significant personality. How many times have you heard clients complain about the state, contour and colour of their eyebrows? Discover the best hair removal methods to ensure the smoothest application and results without redness. Our online eyebrow waxing course and all of our Beauty Training Courses online can be completed at your convenience.

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Lash and Brow Tinting

Some of your spa clients will want to maintain lashes and brows to keep up with their current hairstyle. The eyes are extremely delicate and vulnerable. Discover safety procedures alongside the best dying techniques for the eyebrows and eyelashes with our Lash and Brow Tinting course. Learn how to create a lustrous, darker appearance with vegetable-based, semi-permanent stain. Practice mixing the solution prior to application for the nicest results. Never rely on hair dye to complete the transformation you desire.

Centre-of-Wellness-hot-wax-hair-removal-online-waxing-courseFull Body Waxing: Face & Bikini

Understand the various precautions and how to create a multitude of waxing styles to remove unwanted hair from the face and the body. The Centre of Wellness has the perfect online beauty training classes to help you enhance your spa offerings. Upgrade your services and order one of our convenient online courses today!

Brazilian Waxing Course

Our extensive Brazilian Waxing Course covers bikini waxing techniques to facilitate hair removal in the bikini area, below the navel and hair at the top of the leg. Discover the history of American, French and Brazilian Waxing. Learn how to put your model at ease while being completely professional.

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