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Starting as a Beauty Professional Freelancer

Starting as a Beauty Professional Freelancer

Do you find yourself wondering: 

How do I become a successful freelance makeup artist?
How do I become a beauty professional? 
How do I become a successful business owner? 

There are a lot of questions around becoming a beauty expert or makeup freelancer. Read on for some tips from Claire herself!

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Customers Come First 

Of course, treating your customers well should always be the number one priority, but taking it a step further by showing your personality is what will make an impression on your customers. When you think about some of your favorite or fun service providers, it’s likely that the professional had a creative way of starting the conversation, or they made you feel comfortable because they were acting like themselves. 

“Let your personality shine through and the client will keep coming back to you.” 

Ask For Payment 

Another key to becoming successful in your business and freelancing career is to never be afraid to speak up. Often times, beauty professionals starting out feel uncomfortable asking their clients for money. There shouldn’t be a reason that you can’t ask for money. If a customer is coming to you then they understand that they are paying money in exchange for your services.  

“They’re going to spend their money elsewhere if they don’t give it to you. May as well ask for the money. Be confident and value yourself!” 

Never Stop Learning 

Another key to becoming a successful beauty professional or freelancer is always acquiring new skills and trying to better yourself. It’s important to be open to feedback so that you can take other perspectives into account. It’s also important to seek out any education that you feel like you might be lacking. This can be in the form of taking new courses, finding a mentor, or learning from different experiences with other service providers. 

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Your First Customers 

Another recommendation for you to reach success in your career is to ask friends and family to be your first customers. You can gather intel from the salons and freelance workers in your area on what they are charging for their services,  and then give a discounted price to your friends and family. This way you will receive some quality feedback, great practice, and get you some money in your pocket! 


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