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Benefits of Aromatherapy Massage

An aromatherapy massage uses two therapeutic modalities to provide great effects. This type of massage is an age-old practice that has several physical and physiological advantages. Aromatherapy combines the use of peppermint, lavender, and orange blossom essential oils to leave an impact on our senses.

While an aromatherapy massage offers great relief from neurological or muscular problems, it is a bit more challenging to practice than other types of massage. So, if you are wondering if enrolling in an aromatherapy massage course is worth it or not, check out the advantages of an aromatherapy massage below:


Advantages of Aromatherapy Massage

  • Improves Emotional Wellbeing

The use of both massage treatment and aromatherapy together improves not only your body’s circulation but also the functionality of your brain.

This occurs as a result of the olfactory nerves in the brain being activated by the circulation-increasing effects of aromatherapy massage. Serotonin production is subsequently stimulated as a result of this, which causes an increase in mental clarity and alertness. To increase the mood-lifting benefits, citrus oils like orange essential oil are used.

  • Helps Calm Anxiety

Aromatherapy and massage can effectively calm your senses, easing any stress or anxiety you may be feeling. Endorphins are released during a massage’s therapeutic touch. These hormones are called “feel-good chemicals” due to their ability to relieve stress and discomfort naturally.

  • Enhances Circulation

One advantage of an aromatherapy massage is that the pressure and manipulation of the massage can help to improve blood flow to muscles and essential organs. Even some essential oils can help to increase circulation. These include frankincense, sandalwood, grapefruit, cypress, and juniper berries.

  • Decreased Inflammation and Pain

The use of therapeutic massage and essential oils can help you relieve joint and muscular pain as well as any inflammation that may be causing you suffering. Your painful muscles will start to feel better as the tissues are massaged, and circulation is improved. Because it is both calming and energizing, peppermint oil is a fantastic choice for this function.

  • Helps Sleep Better

The “relaxation response,” aided by massage, slows the heart rate and breathing rate, lowers blood pressure, and significantly reduces the release of the stress hormone cortisol by approximately 53%.

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By doing this, you come out of your body’s “fight or flight phase,” which keeps you awake. Numerous studies have revealed that massage enhances delta brain waves, which are connected to the deep sleep that we all require to wake up feeling completely rejuvenated.

Additionally, calming your mind and emotions through simultaneous aromatherapy oils inhalation can help you unwind and relax much more. In short, it helps to fall asleep better and faster.

An aromatherapy massage offers far more benefits than the ones mentioned above. It is one of the most effective types of massage therapies. So, what do you think? Are you ready to learn how to perform an aromatherapy massage? If so, hurry up and sign up for our aromatherapy massage course so we can get started ASAP.

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