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Lash & Brow Tinting Course Online

Lash & Brow Tinting Course Online

Have you wanted to expand your spa offerings to enhance the windows of the soul? The Centre Of Wellness has the eyebrow tinting course online you have been searching for. Learn how to frame the eyes with our eyebrow tinting course; the perfect complement to our brow waxing certification online. Study at your convenience and take your eye-pampering skills to the next level. Take advantage of our promotion and purchase our Lash and Brow Tinting Course and SAVE 50% on the complimentary Brow Waxing Course! With more ladies finding themselves unable to clearly see their own eyebrows due to age-related issues or dealing with arthritis and other mobility problems, eyebrow care has become big business in the spa world. Women of every demographic would rather pay a professional to groom and tint their eyebrows than spend the time and energy trying to obtain brow equality on their own. From the younger entrepreneurs to the elderly and everyone in between, perfectly shaped brows and visible brows are highly sought after. Isn’t it time your spa capitalized on this service?


Get Certified! Eyebrow Course Online

Our eyebrow tinting course covers every aspect of lash and brow tinting. Discover how to choose the perfect shade for your clients’ skincare needs, how to safely and efficiently prepare the eye area, and how to apply the tint. Learn how to ensure your client enjoys a harmonious and relaxing experience as they wait calmly for the time the tint takes to develop. Develop the smoothest technique for removing the product and much more. Understand all safety issues and how to take the appropriate precautions when handling dangerous chemicals around the delicate eye area. The Centre Of Wellness has a comprehensive eyebrow tinting course online with your name on it! This course offers video, a theory book, written procedure and multiple choice test to cover the details in depth. In fact, purchase our Lash and Brow Tinting Course and SAVE 50% on the complimentary Brow Waxing Course! Now is the best time to upgrade your lash and brow skills and catapult your clientele services. Take advantage of the world’s obsession with eyebrows and maximize your skills.

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Brow Waxing Course Online

Have you ever been curious about conquering crazy eyebrows? The Centre Of Wellness can help you discover the secrets to perfect Brow Waxing, Shaping, Restyling, Trimming and Plucking. Understand how the eyebrows can frame a face and enhance the eyes with some strategic brow tips. Discover the perfect tools to help you achieve your goals and achieve balance. If mastering brow perfection is on your list for success, this online course is perfect!


The Reflectocil Starter Tint Kit

The Centre Of Wellness takes pride in giving our students the tools they need to succeed. The Reflectocil Starter Tint Kit provides every item you require to create the most desirable eyebrows and lashes. This kit includes a DVD, Artist Palette and Bag, Colour Chart, an 80 pack of Protective Eye Tint Papers, 6 Reflectocil Tint Shades (Black, Graphite, Blue/Black. Chestnut, Light Brown and Brown), Skin Protection Cream, Oxidant Liquid, Eye Makeup Remover, Tint (colour) remover and a 5 pack of Soft Application Brushes.

Take Your Waxing Certification Online Now

The Lash & Brow Tinting Course online goes hand-in-hand with the Brow Waxing Course from The Centre Of Wellness. The likelihood of a client coming in for brow and lash tinting naturally leads to the shaping, restyling, trimming and plucking process. Discover how to deliver the best customer service and satisfaction possible by learning on your own time, in the comfort of your own home. Check out all the other fun and informative online beauty courses we offer and let us help you take your spa potential to the next level! Contact The Centre Of Wellness today for more information!


Purchase our Lash and Brow Tinting Course and Save 50% on the complimentary Brow Waxing Course!


Buy one online tinting course get 50% off brow waxing course

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