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3 Tips to Growing Your Beauty Business

3 Tips to Growing Your Beauty Business

Congrats babe! You just finished your beauty courses and are ready to kick it into boss babe mode! You have worked hard and deserve to thrive in the beauty industry! So how can a true powerhouse like you make your new beauty business shine? 

Check out these three tips for growing your beauty business and get started today!

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Start with a solidified plan for your beauty business

The first step to any beauty business is a well-thought-out plan! From the business proposal at the bank to the grand opening, plan out each step. Having a plan ensures that you are not having to go back or wait on anything to keep that ball rolling. Time is of the essence, and the faster your doors open, the faster you can make a profit. 

Some steps in your business plan, such as branding, can be done from home on your own time. Other aspects such as permits, utilities, and furniture should be somewhat pre-planned. 

A great way to reduce the steps in your business plan is to decide whether you want to build your business at home, go mobile, or open a shop. Your home could be a good start and can cut back a quarter of your planning phase and expenses.

When you have planned out a timeline for your business, you can execute some of these bigger jobs with minimal time wasted.  

Find a niche or specialize in what you do

When growing your beauty business, it’s best to find your niche or specialize in what you do! Build your business around what makes you unique. Your niche could be a specific style of makeup or environment you offer for massages. 

Do you like R&B? Build and brand your spa with a new twist on music and atmosphere. Do you accelerate at exotic photoshoot makeup? Build your beauty business around photography makeup

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It is ok to have one or two talents but try to target what makes you so great at your job. Having a niche keeps your brand streamlined and turns away any work you are not passionate about. 

Services performed without passion will show and might deter you from wanting to go to work every day. Find a niche and build around it! 


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Lastly, MARKETING your beauty business

Marketing will make or break you. When you have figured out your brand identity and niche, learn how to market your beauty business in that direction. 

If you enjoy bridal makeup, platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram make a great place to start advertising. The world of marketing is much larger than it used to be. Radio ads and banners don’t cut it anymore. 

When starting, seek out someone with knowledge about the online world. Online marketing includes web design, utilizing social platforms, and analytics.

If you are marketing yourself, take a workshop or two to understand better how to optimize your business’s online presence. 


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Extra Tip: Grow your beauty business in the right direction

Is your business bursting at the seams? It may be time to expand. Growth is a good thing, from your home to an office or a one-person show to a 3-man team.

When expanding your business, look at your clientele. If you have a regular clientele that is consistent and brings in steady profits, it’s time to grow. 

When expanding, make sure to hire the right people. This could be starting with an assistant to organize your schedule to focus on what you do best. If you have too many clients and not enough time, maybe hiring another employee is the best route. 

To alleviate stress in the hiring process:

  1. Hire wisely.
  2. Find yourself a team that’s committed, accountable, willing to learn, and good at their job.
  3. Keep your expectations as high for them as they are for you. 
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From planning on paper to opening the doors, your beauty business is a beautiful and exciting journey. Follow these three steps to planning your beauty business, and you will thrive! 

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