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Becoming a Freelance Makeup Artist – Beauty Tools for Beginners

Becoming a Freelance Makeup Artist – Beauty Tools for Beginners

So you just finished your makeup course, and you are well on your way to becoming a freelance makeup artist. Of course, makeup artists need a solid case of tools to get the job done right when starting with clients. Having the right tools goes hand in hand with what you have learnt as an artist. It is a make or breaks when you are starting your career. Here are some essential beauty tools you need as a beginner when beginning as a freelance makeup artist. 

1. The all-mighty Beauty Blender sponge!

Every freelance makeup artist needs one or a couple of sizes of Beauty Blenders or blending sponges. They are essential for the use of foundations and concealers. The Beauty Blender sponge is an egg-like soft sponge with a round, flat bottom and a pointy top. The sponge allows a straightforward application without too much movement of the foundation or concealer when being applied. When properly used, it is lightly dampened to will enable you to use less product and gain more coverage. When using a small blending brush or a swab, much product is soaked up and merely moved around. As a result, foundations or concealers are unevenly distributed on the skin. Invest in one larger sized Beauty Blender or a couple of sizes to help with different angles and areas of the face and neck. 


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2. A reliable lash curler

Not everyone has perfectly curled lashes, and not all mascaras help with the situation. Invest in a good quality lash curler that is easy to sanitize. Make sure the curler is professional and gentle as well. Some people are a little squeamish when it comes to mascara, eyeliner, and lash applications. You want to purchase a curler that will be gentle on the eyelashes. An excellent lash curler to add to your tool kit is from The House of Lashes. It is light, easy to sanitize, and will be a solid contributor to your freelance makeup business for many years to come. 

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3. Tweezers and eyebrow brush 

A good set of tweezers alongside an on-point eyebrow brush will help you with any style of the client. An excellent small set of tweezers can help get those fly always someone may have and double up for the application of glue on lashes. If your tweezers are lacking grip, you will have problems shaping brows. The adhesive on lashes will not stick precisely where you want them to be. An eyebrow brush is another tool you want to invest in. One such as Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 eyebrow brush is perfect. The brush end is small and shapes brows with precision, and the spoolie on the other end helps smooth out the application. 

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4. A belt, or proper brush tubbies

With a collection of brushes comes the need for proper storage and quick access. Invest in either a good brush belt, a brush bag or brush tubbies. Not only will this keep your makeup brushes organized and easily accessible, but they are also kept organized in a fashion that the bristles will not risk being frayed. A brush belt can double up as a brush bag when starting as a freelancer. As you make your way through your makeup career, you will find you need more storage for all of your brushes. Invest in some Brush Tubbies from Morphe. They are affordable, professional, and store all your makeup brushes, keeping them safe and easy to access while doing a client’s makeup. Amazon has excellent inexpensive brush belts in many colours and sizes. 

5. Disposables 

Alongside keeping your brushes and sponges sanitized, some makeup items need the use of disposables. When becoming a freelanced makeup artist, invest in disposable wipes, spoolies, and lipstick applicators. Generally, mascaras and lip glosses are hard to sanitize. The applicators of both mascara and lipgloss, when sanitized, waste product and risk mixing wrong with the bottle’s recipe leaving you with what may be no longer usable. Also, keep a handful of cotton swabs available for those hard to reach areas you may need to touch up or clean. Disposables such as lash and lip applicators can be found on and makeup wipes as well. 

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These tools, alongside a new collection of brushes, will have you on your way to projecting a professional freelanced makeup artist. 

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