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Online Massage Courses: Amaze Your Clients With New Techniques!

Online Massage Courses: Amaze Your Clients With New Techniques!

Are you passionate about delivering the ultimate relaxation and therapeutic massage techniques to your clients? Perhaps it is time to add a different massage technique or two into your spa offerings? The Centre of Wellness can help you study in your own time and master the best massages with online massage courses. Discover new ways to induce relaxation, stimulate circulation and deliver healthy benefits by becoming certified with the following online massage classes.

Aromatherapy Massage Course

The ancient history of sensational scents derived from nature combines with therapeutic techniques for a wondrous massage experience. Discover the power of Essential Oils and how to utilize them to provide healing and inner balance. Catapult your knowledge of health and wellbeing to an entirely different level. Understand a variety of applications and uses for your Essential Oils, how to blend them with carrier oils and contraindications. Embrace facial massage while covering the neck, the back and more!

Our Aromatherapy Massage Course includes a comprehensive training video, a detailed theory book, complete step-by-step written procedures and more. The power of fragrance can dramatically enhance the release of emotional tension along with numerous healing properties. The Centre of Wellness can help you and members of your spa become certified in the comfort of your own home! You might even consider taking our Reflexology Online Course and enjoy giving yourself a well-deserved Aromatherapy Massage with reflexology benefits!

Hot Stone Massage Course

Is your spa booking up for Mother’s Day relaxation and wellness treatments? The massage market can introduce repeat clients and feel good vibes to your current spa offerings. Our Hot Stone Massage Course blends light pressure with strategically placed heated stones to create a harmonious, comforting massage. Learn how to incorporate these smooth, warm stones into your strokes and where to let them sit and radiate heat for soothing relaxation. The Centre of Wellness enables you to work around your own schedule while increasing your levels of certification with our extensive variety of online beauty courses.

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Swedish Massage Course

Our all inclusive Swedish Massage Course teaches practitioners how to gently manipulate the soft tissues within the body to restore a healthy balance. Identifying and treating issues arising in the soft tissues including muscles, tendons and ligaments. Explore a variety of strokes and pressure techniques to customize a head to toe massage that will have your client’s rebooking regularly.

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Remember, it is never too late to start learning something new. Expand your body awareness and share the gift of your trained hands with your clients. Maintain your regular schedule and work at your own pace. All our online beauty training classes provide extensive reference materials you will cherish for years.

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