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Hot Stone Massage Certification In Time For Mother’s Day Massages!

Hot Stone Massage Certification In Time For Mother’s Day Massages!


For many spas, Mother’s Day is one of the busiest times of year. Spring in general, is full of prom, bridal and graduation celebrations; the perfect time to enjoy some well deserved pampering. The Centre of Wellness can help you become certified in the blissful art of Hot Stone Massage. Our flexible, online courses enable you to obtain certification around your busy schedule. Increase your massage repertoire and become educated in this popular and much sought after technique. Offer your clients a relaxation massage on an entirely new level by adding strategically placed, gently warmed stones. Your customers will enjoy this latest spa offering and most likely book their next treatment before leaving their appointment!

Hot Stone Massage Therapy


Practically everyone can reap the benefits of a well executed hot stone massage. Mothers especially can use some much needed time to relax and unwind. Most other jobs have regular breaks and are not operating on a 24/7 routine. Parenthood, however, is unlike any other experience. Imagine, giving Mom the gift of an excellent night’s sleep as well! This is one of the many lovely side effects a relaxing massage can bring. Learn the proper pressure techniques and stone placement for creating a harmonious and soothing experience. Understand the correlation and location of using flat, broad stones to increase circulation and induce a cozy, sense of wellbeing. Instil feelings of rejuvenation and health while you create the ideal atmosphere to chill and unwind. Offer gift certificates and dual massage opportunities for your clients to enjoy partnered massages. Mother and daughter packages are popular and rewarding.

Ease Tense Muscles, Reduce Stress


While all massage is helpful for increasing circulation and blood flow, using hot stones elevates the entire experience. Typically, basalt volcanic rock stones are used for this treatment due to their ability to retain heat. The stones may be situated down one’s spine, on their chest or stomach, face, as well as on palms, feet, fingers and toes. The practitioner will learn how to utilize the stones in a variety of ways including: circular motions, broad, long strokes, vibration, kneading and tapping movements. The stones can be alternated between moving and stimulating to sitting still in specific places. Feel the tension release from the body as the gentle heat radiates throughout muscles, tissues, tendons and ligaments.

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Benefits of Massage


Human touch is a vital factor in our overall health. Our busy bodies and minds enjoy being nurtured and calm. Hectic lifestyles can take their toll. Massage has proven beneficial in the convalescence of many health issues including autoimmune diseases and cancer. Providing an oasis for your clients to melt away and revitalize is essential. Start your Hot Stone Massage course with the Centre of Wellness today!

Online Courses Enhance Your Spa Services


There is nothing better than learning at your own pace on your own schedule. The Centre of Wellness has created comprehensive videos and course materials that are easy to follow and review for your convenience. From the video to the written theory to the multiple choice test all the way to the self assessment review, you will have the facts you require to become certified. Embrace your education and profit from your expansive knowledge! Become certified as you work around your current lifestyle. We look forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals while making the most of your spa practice!


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