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Facial Courses Online & Skin Care

Facial Courses Online & Skin Care

Facial courses online can dramatically increase your spa offerings and enhance your ability to encourage well-being. Completing a facial course from The Centre of Wellness on your own time, around your existing busy schedule, is ideal. Imagine, logging in and completing your reading or videos while you enjoy your commute or during your lunch. Regardless, if you are seeking to update your knowledge via online facial courses or facial massage courses online, we have a proven, well-rounded system to help you achieve your goals.

Facial Courses Educate

Discover how to take care of the delicate skin of the face with gentle cleansing, exfoliating and mask application. Understand the anatomy of the face and how to execute a comprehensive facial massage routine. Skin care treatments including steam, extraction, exfoliation, peels, facial masks, lotions and creams are discussed in detail. Decipher which preparations address specific skin concerns and which options are rejuvenating for maintaining a healthy, youthful glow. Imagine the bridal party bookings and Mother and daughter gift packages you will be able to add to your services.

The Benefits of Facials

Our skin cells are constantly renewing themselves. Facials offer a way to clean pores and remove dead skin cells. Dry, flaky skin is removed and re-hydrated. A huge component of a professional facial is the lymphatic drainage and massage component that aids in circulation. Gentle, yet firm facial massage pressure can help to relax tense muscles and alleviate potential frown lines. Sagging skin and puffy areas can benefit tremendously from a therapeutic facial.

Facial Massage Courses Online: Pampering Benefits

Environmental factors and daily stress can take their toll on our appearance. Incorporating a refreshing facial into your self-care routine can help you fight the effects of premature aging and enjoy some blissful time to yourself. Many women swear by receiving a minimum of four facials a year, during the changing seasons, while others aim to go monthly. Getting to know your skincare needs and enjoying products specifically designed for you can help you enjoy a clear, happy complexion. Staying hydrated and helping your body flush out toxins with regular visits.

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Start Your Online Facial Course Today

It’s never too late to increase your spa offerings. The Centre of Wellness has a plethora of online beauty training courses for you to enjoy. Educate yourself in the comfort of your own home and on your own time. Our online courses make it fun and easy to master new skills. Get started with our online facial course today!

You Could Win an Online Facial Course!

Test your knowledge with our next contest: What 3 facials are covered in our online course? Submit your answer in the comments of our post on Facebook or Instagram. The winner will be drawn November 10th and will receive a FREE comprehensive online facial course.

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