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Ear Piercing Certification: What to Know for Kids

Ear Piercing Certification: What to Know for Kids

Whether you work in a spa, salon, or even a pediatricians office, The Centre Of Wellness has the online ear piercing course you are looking for. This is a very personal decision and parents weigh in all over the place. Some parents prefer to have it done earlier in life so that the baby doesn’t pick at the earrings or irritate the piercing. Other people believe in letting their child make an informed decision later in life. Our ear piercing certification course can help you deliver the facts to your prospective clientele.

Ear Piercing Training

Discovering the anatomy of the ear, how to recognize cartilage and all of the pertinent placement information are just some of the things covered in our online ear piercing course. With extensive informative materials including step-by-step video, you will be able to master your technique.

Is Your Client At Least 6 Months Old?

It is essential to educate yourself on best practices to keep your youngest clients safe and sound. Many pediatricians recommend waiting at least until the child is six months old before ear piercing. Keeping the site clean and disinfected with daily care is essential during the first week. Any open wound anywhere on the body can be a potential source of infection. Hair products, fragrant bubble baths and perfume, hairspray and even sunscreen are best avoided near the piercing sites. Determining if your client can care for their new ear piercings on their own or if they will have external help is vital to the overall healing equation.


Ear Piercing Certification Delivers Confidence

It is essential to begin with the correct health and safety practices to ensure your clients remain safe during the procedure and afterward. Washing your hands and wearing gloves is highly recommended. Disinfecting the location and even applying a topical numbing medication may be useful for young clients and those with sensitivity issues. Marking your potential piercing locations with a marker ahead of time and having the parents or client look and see where the piercing will occur ahead of time may be one of your most important steps. Ear lobes come in all shapes and sizes. Using a marker to outline the location can save you from uneven piercings. Discover all of these important tips and tricks when you obtain your ear piercing certification from The Centre Of Wellness.

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Caring For Newly Pierced Ears

For a successful ear-piercing experience, it’s all about the aftercare to reduce infection risk (common signs are redness, pain, discharge and a foul odor from the earlobe). Earrings should be cleaned front and back with rubbing alcohol and then a small dab of antibiotic ointment. This process should occur morning and night for about a week. The earrings should also be rotated in the ears a few times a day.

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