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Full Body Waxing Common Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Full Body Waxing Common Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Smooth, silky and sensational…Full body waxing is one of the most intimate spa services you can offer. Regardless if you are helping yourself, friends, family or clients attain a gorgeous glow, there are many things to consider for best results. The Centre Of Wellness is featuring our Full Body Waxing Course this month! In fact, if you purchase this course, you will receive a free Brazilian Waxing Course for a limited time! Hurry though, this super-duper special expires on September 30th!


Professional Waxing Classes Prevent Mistakes


Learning with our solid formula including book work and informative videos, you will receive step-by-step instructions for all of our health and beauty courses. Studying in the comfort of your home on your own time is ideal for many who are juggling work, school and kids. We make it easy to become certified in your favourite beautician training courses. While prepping for your full body waxing appointment with some liquid courage or an iced cappuccino might sound like a great idea…it isn’t recommended as it can make your skin sensitive before starting! Some of the most common full body waxing mistakes include:


  • Choosing the wrong type of wax
  • Preparing for your appointment with caffeine or alcohol
  • Improper skin preparation and after-care
  • Using scented products, self-tanner immediately after the appointment
  • Swimming in chlorine or having a hot bath within the first 24 hours
  • Pulling wax strips off in the wrong direction
  • Not checking the temperature of the wax before applying


Home Study Beauty Courses: Full Body Waxing


Discover how to take care of unwanted body hair. From the eyebrows to the upper lip, to the underarms, legs, bikini area and everywhere in between, there are special techniques to employ and tips and tricks to master. The Centre Of Wellness will answer all of your questions and concerns with our informative online beauty training courses. Understanding how sensitive the freshly waxed area is will enable you to prevent further irritation by following the ultimate after-care. Tight clothing and fancy lotions are a big “No-No!” Something as simple and relaxing as a hot tub or hot bath can lead to painful results. We provide you with everything you need to know to become a successful waxing professional.

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Exfoliation and Ingrown Hairs


There is an ideal length for your hair to be to maximize the best waxing results. Many people feel they need to trim their hair before their waxing appointment. While this can be helpful, if it is your first time, consider letting the waxing professional decide. Sometimes, trimming certain locations with scissors is ideal before waxing; however, this all depends on how long the hair is. If the hair is trimmed too short, it will be difficult to remove. Of course, every client is different. You will be able to determine which recommendations to share with your client after becoming certified with our online full-body waxing course.


Full Body Waxing: One Of The Most Sought-After Spa Services

Our hair grows continuously. People travel all year round and don’t want to deal with daily hair removal or having to shave while on holiday. Many male and female athletes require regular waxing on their arms, chest and back to ensure they can glide through the water or be as aerodynamic as possible. Other people simply enjoy the look and feel of soft, sensuous skin.


Home Study Beauty Courses: Full Body Waxing + Brazilian Waxing For Free!

Buy Full Body Waxing & Get Brazilian Course Free Until September 30th! We’ve offered this exciting course bundle to allow our students to develop their waxing protocol for the entire body. The privacy and intimacy involved with Brazilian Waxing can make or break your family, friends and clients coming to visit regularly. Professionalism, safety and education are of utmost importance for all of our home study beauty courses.

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