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Waxing: Why is it better than plucking or shaving

Waxing: Why is it better than plucking or shaving

Waxing is a technique that has been used for decades and has developed throughout the years. The technique occurs when you use a sticky substance to remove the hair from an area. Waxing removes not only the surface hair but pulls the hair from root. Although this technique is used quite consistently, waxing competes with other methods such as plucking and shaving. So, what makes waxing better. Here are some reasons why you should toss your razor and reach for the wax.

waxing over shaving


Shaving is the most common way to remove hair. It is quick, effective and leaves your legs soft after. But how long those legs stay soft will depend on your body and how long you have been shaving. Shaving includes a razor consisting of 3-5 blades gliding along the targeted area, removing surface hair. The keyword to shaving is SURFACE HAIR. Shaving does not go as deep as waxing. Shaving can also go wrong and irritate the skin. Without the proper application of shaving cream, soap, or properly sharpened blades, someone could get razor burn. Razor burn stings and produces red dots all over the shaved area. If someone has been shaving for a long time, they know that the razor causes the hair to grow back faster, darker, thicker. Waxing, on the other hand, eradicates the hair follicle. So there are no worries about razor burn. You may get a couple of bumps initially, but it goes away as the area adapts to the new procedure. Waxing doesn’t waste razors, doesn’t risk cutting the skin and leaves the hair growing back lighter, more delicate, and slower.

waxing vs plucking


Plucking is generally used on areas such as the eyebrows and those long stubborn hairs that grow in odd spots of the body. Similar to waxing, plucking removes hair from the root. Downfall, only a couple of hairs can be withdrawn at a time! Skip the timeframe and get all the hairs with waxing. Alongside the time it takes to wax, plucking can also be equally, if not double, the pain of waxing. Why? Each pluck is felt when trying to remove hair. It may be a tad more painful when waxing, but it is fast and pulls more than one or two hairs like tweezers. If you have the time, pluck. But if you want to try and make the beach before the sun sets, wax.

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Other things to consider

Some other facts about waxing and plucking or shaving include considerations such as hair growth and how often you must remove. With shaving, it could be every other day. Plucking could be daily as you may pluck different hairs at different times, so maintenance is heavy. With waxing, most people go only once every 3-4 weeks. Generally, the hair grows back slower and more refined. It also needs to be roughly ¼” to ½” to be adequately waxed. The cost is nearly the same between waxing and shaving. People pay a bit more for a properly trained professional to wax or learn to wax at home. When it comes to shaving, the razors dull over time and after a certain number of shaves, resulting in plastic waste and consistent purchase of razors.

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