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Spray Tans – Choose Spray over UV

Spray Tans – Choose Spray over UV

Are you looking for a summer glow all year round? Do you get a spray tan, choose the bed, or lay out in the sun? Sadly, no matter the season, the sun or bed isn’t where you want to be getting that bronzed colour. Harmful UV rays are not worth the glow. But a good spray tan can have you looking like you just vacationed to Fiji and back. Here is why you should choose spray tans over UV rays.


Time Efficient

Spray tans save a significant amount of time spent in the tanning bed. Generally, those who choose a tanning bed spend roughly 7-12 minutes a session. You would need to go to the tanning beds for 4-6 sessions for a base tan. With a spray tan, the time is dramatically reduced and leaves you just as dark as 6 sessions. A spray tan generally takes about 20 minutes. Once the tanner is applied, expect to see full results within 2-4 hours while you go about your regular daily activities.


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Protect The Skin!

Did you know that a tanning bed can add up to 35 years of aging to your skin? There is also a risk of skin cancer. The formulas used in today’s spray tans are much more advanced than a tanning bed. Ingredients such as grape seed extract are used to boost collagen production. There are other natural ingredients used to produce circulation and take away the stress from the skin. The application process is almost healthier and better for your skin than simply staying out of those harmful UV rays.


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Protect The Eyes

Even with sunshades or tanning goggles (which only half of the people who tan use), your eyes are at high risk of harmful UV rays. With a spray tan, please keep your eyes closed, but getting spray tan on your lids is not nearly as big a problem as exposing them to the sun. When not protected, your eyes are at risk of developing eye cancer.

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Spray tans sculpt!

Did you know you can get a spray tan to sculpt your body? The spray can be concentrated in specific areas such as the abdomen or the biceps to provide a more dramatic look of the muscles. Also, spray tans help reduce the appearance of cellulite and other blemishes around the body you may feel self-conscious about. The medium to dark glow after a spray tan makes the skin look more even, moisturized and toned.


Equipment used for spray tans is very mobile and can be done at home or in a studio. Other than a sanitary cleaning of the tools each use (which takes little time), the upkeep of spray tan equipment is minimal. They also take up very little space as well as next to no power. On the other hand, tanning beds are expensive and require a significant amount of electricity to operate. Tanning bed bulbs need to be changed roughly every 5-800 hours of use to keep your tan nice and dark. The bulbs themselves are also significantly high priced. Regarding spray tan, the cost for the product itself is affordable, and you only need to perform a maintenance check once per year.

There are many benefits to going from the tanning bed to a spray tan. Not only is a spray tan better for your skin, but it is also very cost-effective. A quality spray tan will leave you with a natural-looking glow, better skin with the added value of a little confidence boost. Ditch the bulbs and reach for a spray instead.


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