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Different Types of Massages and Their Benefits

Different Types of Massages and Their Benefits

Pampering yourself with a massage is not only relaxing but very beneficial for the body. As to what type of massage you get, it can all vary on its benefit. Learn the different massages and their benefits to determine what you favor to have or to perform.


swedish massage course e1620751967744Swedish Massage

Swedish massages utilize the manipulation of soft tissue to promote health restoration. Massage therapists use their hands to treat issues found in muscle, ligaments and tendons in the body’s soft tissue. Those that offer Swedish massages will generally offer mild to more intense pressure when addressing the body. Clients who get a massage are there to recover muscle and joint pain alongside relaxation. Through touch, a massage therapist can trace and relieve the stresses of the body. This style of massage is a widespread practice.


aromatherapy massage course e1620751998367Aroma Therapy Massage

Similar to Swedish massages, this one is quite similar, except for the use of aromatherapy oils. The theory and practice rely on the principle that plant oil (or essential oil) will aid in the body’s ability to heal itself. When applied, the body can relax and stimulate healing properties. When used, aromatherapy oils affect the cognitive (how we think) and emotional (how we feel) mind and body process. It is excellent for those who experience body tension as a result of stress.


remedial massage e1620752054903Remedial Massage

This style is a bit more in-depth. It is the detective of the massage therapy world. The process of remedial massage works in a sense that a therapist would find where the problem in the body is manifesting, then trace it back to the source. 40-50% of a body’s weight is from muscle. They are the number one priority and the number one culprits when people experience tension and pain. They move blood, food, air and interact with many of the organs. If the muscles are not tended to or taken care of, this can hinder their ability to benefit the body. Therapists that perform remedial massage therapy caters to the body’s muscles and their overall health.

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hot stone massage course e1620752103628Hot Stone Massage

This is a specialty therapy as it uses hot stones to extend the practice of using hands. Hot stones are placed around the body to help the muscles relax. The heat from the rocks causes the muscles to warm up and allows therapists to manipulate the deep tissue more effectively. The result is a more thorough massage. This technique was practice as far as 5000 years ago in India as a healing tradition of Ayurveda. Today, hot stones are utilized to dissolve the knots and stresses of one’s body. The heat from the stones also has a soothing effect on the muscles and helps the body relax thoroughly.

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