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Contour Your Eyes Based on Shape

Contour Your Eyes Based on Shape

One of the most striking beauties of who we are can be found in our eyes.

They are what we see first when meeting someone. Each person has a unique shape to their eyes. To help attain a desired glam to the eye, contour application is utilized. Some have big doe eyes, while others are more almond or cat-like. This means that not every eye shape can complement specific makeup techniques. That is where the contour technique comes in. Those who have an almond shape may be looking to open their eyes up a bit more. Therefore contour the outer lid and they will attain this look. Those with big eyes may want to reflect a cat-eye. Contour with eyeliner is then used.
So, how are these looks attained? You can accentuate certain areas to make your eyes bigger or brighter through contouring, depending on your desired outcome. Read how to find your shape and master your eye application through contour.


Firstly, what does it mean to contour?

In film and photography, contouring is practiced to attain particular looks that one’s body doesn’t have. The use of dark and light shades is brushed in specific areas to create shadows and shapes. Contouring is very common with everyday makeup applications. People contour their cheeks and jawlines for a more defined look.


contour your eyes

Next. What is the shape of your eye?

If we were all born with the same eye shape, we would all have one application. But that is not the case. If you have a crease on your eyelid, you may have monolid eyes. Depending on where the very inside corner of your eye is, you may have either upturned or downturned eyes. If the center is high, it’s up. If you look straight and there is not much of an eyelid present, you may have hooded eyes. If you have a bit of white showing above or below the iris, you would have round eyes. These factors all play a role in how you can properly apply eye makeup to compliment your shape. Now that we have a profile let’s move to application.

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contouring your eye shape

Contouring with Eyeliner

Eyeliner can easily make or break a look before a brush even hits the face. It all depends on where you apply the liner and what you use. Those with downturned eyes would have to focus their eyeliner on the outer ends and create an upturned cat-eye. If the inner corner to inner corner is more expansive, the focus would be towards the inside corner. Round eyes require more long lines to keep the eyes from looking too circular. The one shape that works great with a solid liner on top and bottom would be big eyes as they have space and won’t risk looking too small or drawn in.


eye contour

Contouring with Eyeshadow

Shadow application is determined by how much space you have to work with on your eyelid and brow line. Those with mono lids use a darker colour just above but don’t stray too far away from the eye. It would help if you used a darker liner closer to the center with a wide-set look, whereas a close-set would have a darker shadow close to the outside corners. People who have a smaller eye or a bit of hood over the lid should focus on using more of the space just along the brow line. With downturned eyes, the eyeshadow should be focused more heavily on the outer quarter of the eye and more towards the center for the upturned eye.

All in All

No matter your eye shape, focus on a light, fluffy brush or a couple of different sizes to pull your eye up and out. Unless you have big round eyes, the proper application shouldn’t close or narrow the eyes. The correct application will keep the eyes open and bright, giving the impression that you had big eyes the whole time.

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