1.01 WAXAWAY HOME USE WAXING KIT – valued at over $120!


Waxaway Salon Pro Wax  400gHeater with Auto Temperature Control

Waxaway Salon Pro
Wax Heater contains:

  • Wax Heater Lid
  • Removable Handpiece
  • Removable Aluminium Insert
  • Waxaway Professional Wax Heater

heater detail image2

A professional quality wax heater

Maintains ideal working temperature of both strip and hard waxes for exceptional results.

Waxaway’s Salon Pro Wax Heater is the quick and convenient way to heat Waxaway Salon Pro Hard and Strip Waxes.

The Salon Pro Wax Heater is compact, portable and light weight, making it ideal for mobile therapists and the at-home user.

Use only with Waxaway Salon Pro Strip and Hard Waxes. Simply microwave the wax, then insert wax tub to maintain the ideal working temperature. There’s no mess, no fuss!

Heating in minutes for a fast, salon quality result that lasts up to 4 weeks, Waxaway Salon Pro waxes are suitable for legs, arms and delicate areas of the body.

MOCKUP Waxaway Essentials Pack

Waxaway Waxing Essentials Contains

  • 60 disposable waxing items
  • 3 Waxing After Care Sachets
  • 25 Cotton Wax Strips
  • 1 Ingrown Hair Treatment
  • 1 Disposable G Sting
  • 30 Wooden Spatulas

27706 waxaway salon pro hard wax

Waxaway Salon Pro Creme Berry Twist Haard Wax 400gm

66149 xlarge

• Waxaway Salon Pro Shimmer Sweet Rosie Strip Wax 400ml

Ancillaries 5 pack 2

• Caronlab Ancillary 5pk – contains

  •         125ml Pre Wax Cleanser to cool and clean the skin prior to waxing
  •         125ml Quick Dry Mist to instantly touch-dry the wax
  •         125ml After Wax Cleanser to remove wax residue as well as soothe the skin after waxing
  •         125ml Wax Remover Citrus Clean to remove sticky wax from salon equipment
  •         125ml Hand and Body Sanitising Gel to kill 99.9% of all germs in less than 20 seconds



For beginners or home use, this wax kit has is portable and versatile – and has everything you need to get started!

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