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Top Spa Treatments Your Clients Are Seeking

Top Spa Treatments Your Clients Are Seeking

Your spa clients thoroughly enjoy relaxation and pampering. The Centre of Wellness can help you achieve the ultimate offerings with our extensive online training courses. Learn how to deliver the soothing techniques your clients crave and boost your revenue by expanding your services. Easy to follow online videos combine with our comprehensive course outlines to enable you to maximize your learning in the comfort of your own free time. Whether they are seeking a popular hot stone massage, renewing facial or reflexology treatment, The Centre of Wellness has a plethora of exciting and informative classes available.

Forever-Popular Facials
In a world obsessed with looking and feeling our best, our facials course offers excellent techniques for exfoliation options and deep pore cleaning. Our skin is our largest organ and facilitating toxin removal is an integral part of maintaining a clear and healthy complexion.

Relaxing Reflexology
Reflexology continues to be one of the top treatments all over the globe. Concentrating on the pressure points within the hands and feet that relate directly to all aspects of the body, this soothing treatment is ideal for those who work on their feet all day and equally with those who rely on their hands. Releasing tension from pressure points triggers an overall sense of well-being, while simultaneously stimulating feelings of invigorating relaxation. Once you learn how to access the pressure points, you can even practice on your own hands and feet. Having tools to induce calm while under stress and stimulation during times of exhaustion are valuable skills to obtain. Some spas are even offering aquatic reflexology treatments for an ultra-unique experience with added hydrotherapy benefits.

Body Exfoliation and Mud Wrap
People enjoy feeling fresh, smooth and fantastic. What better way to achieve this than learning about the extensive health benefits provided by exfoliating dead skin cells and using a mud wrap for the ultimate renewal. This is an excellent relaxing offering popular before weddings and vacations when copious amounts of skin may be showing on the beach and clients want to showcases soft skin and their natural glow. Invite your clients to experience this decadent skin treatment by integrating this holistic offering.

The Magic Behind Massage
The Centre of Wellness has a variety of massage offerings including Hot Stone Massage, Swedish Massage and Remedial Massage online courses. Many people do not have ideal posture within our technological revolution. More clients are feeling tight in their neck and shoulder regions due to extensive cell phone and texting use and not being ergonomically correct at work. Over time, repetitive strain issues can take their toll. Not to mention, human beings rely on touch as one of our main senses. With more people living alone all over the world and working longer hours, there is often not much time for daily physical contact for many people. Massage is a unique way to stimulate the mind, body and soul with a therapeutic touch. Help the muscles return to their correct positioning while instilling waves of wellbeing. It comes as no surprise that massage is consistently among the top 10 spa treatments.

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