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Online Reflexology Training: Build Your Massage Services

Online Reflexology Training: Build Your Massage Services

Reflexology is the ancient practice of stimulating various pressure points on the feet and hands and ears to facilitate relaxation and induce the body’s natural ability to heal. This practice has been traced back thousands of years to Egyptian and Chinese culture and is still prevalent today. These pressure points comprise of nerve endings from all over the body, which converge on each hand and foot, correlating to various organs, muscles and tissues. By gently manipulating these pressure points using specific techniques of the hands and fingers, therapists believe they can improve mental and physical health and wellbeing. The Centre of Wellness offers an excellent reflexology course to help you maximize your massage repertoire. Study in the convenience of your own home and learn fascinating facts about how various processes within the body are connected.

Achieving Homeostasis

With over 70,000 nerve endings found on the sole of each foot, it is no wonder why aching feet can dramatically influence how we feel. Reflexology aims to help the body regain balance or homeostasis and harmony. This is imperative for reducing stress and facilitating a healing environment. Stimulating these nerve endings sends messages along the autonomic nervous system to areas within the body and the brain. This can have a beneficial effect on improving circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system; reducing stagnancy by enabling oxygen and nutrients to move freely once again. This process can additionally help the body release toxins, which is vital in the healing process.

Relaxation 101

We often become used to musculoskeletal pain, headaches and chronic inflammatory conditions without even realizing it. Our body is extremely adaptive. While it continually tries to regain homeostasis, we may inadvertently have become engrossed in patterns that are not ideal. Continual physical and mental stress on various parts of our body is widely accepted by the medical community to be a precursor to many disease states. Learn how to regain balance and help your clients’ feel their very best by staying proactive in eliminating various elements of “dis-ease” by maintaining a healthy and relaxed flow.

A Perfect Pedicure or Massage Companion

Becoming certified with a recognized Reflexology course will enable you to take your pedicure and massage appointments to the next level. Clients will achieve an entirely new level of relaxation as you work together. Be sure to offer plenty of fresh water during the appointment and recommend that they follow up by drinking plenty of water for the evening to help their body flush out any newly released toxins as this is a normal part of the process.

Use Your Moves on Yourself to Boost Energy and Relaxation

Of course, another amazing benefit is that you will be able to practice many of the pressure triggers on your own hands, feet and ears. This is wonderful when you are fighting sleep, feeling unwell or require more energy. Learn how to gently stimulate various pressure points to regain your ultimate health. It won’t be as relaxing as having someone else complete a reflexology massage on you; however, it will definitely come in handy the next time you are feeling jet-lagged, in physical or emotional discomfort, or dealing with insomnia. There are many levels of Reflexology training available and the Centre of Wellness is thrilled to offer you a perfectly intensive and exciting place to begin your training! Contact us today to get started.

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