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Making the Most of your Eyes – The Cut Crease

Making the Most of your Eyes – The Cut Crease

The cut crease trend in eye make-up has evolved from the smoky eye look and is highly visible on social media currently with professional makeup artists and regular makeup fans posting image after image of amazing looking eyes. The look, which is designed to highlight the contrast between the eyelid crease and the eyelid itself, is impressive.

Using neutral eyeshadows means you can create the structure and shape you want for your eyes, and lays the base down for the more dramatic colours to follow.

You can then layer the colours and add more shape and structure before adding the line you want using either a pencil or a liquid liner and working this way will make creating a strong and dramatic cut crease style that much easier.

While this particular trend is designed to be quite graphic with strong liner running above the eye crease, but if this is too dramatic for your work or social situation, you can take it down a notch by drawing the liner deep in the crease of the eyelid.

You will definitely need a steady hand to make this look right, as your line must be straight and tight and definite, as essentially the look revolves around putting dark shadow in the corner of the eye and in the crease. A soft smudgy, smoky eye would be the wearable, easy way to achieve that.

To make this look work, you first choose whether you want a brown or black smoky eye. Then, apply the darkest shade closest to the lash line gradually lightening as you work your way up and out. Then take a crayon-style liner or highlighting shadow and sketch that right into the crease of the lid, and finally use a brush to soften and smudge.

Use a creamy pencil to deposit the colour and make the shape and then go in with a brush and smudge it out. Finish the look by using powder to soften and set the look.

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