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Learn How to Apply a Sunless Tan with Online Courses

Learn How to Apply a Sunless Tan with Online Courses

The Centre of Wellness can help you help your spa clients enjoy a safe, golden bronze skin tone minus the dangers of UV exposure. Our extensive online Spray Tan course covers the do’s and don’ts of sunless tanning. Learn how to properly use and maintain a spray tan machine for even application and professional coverage. This class ensures you will have the skills and knowledge to obtain an excellent result every time. Avoid streaking or improper application with our in depth training. Perfecting your techniques for applying the fine mist containing DHA or Dihydroxyacetone and learn how to work with your client’s skin chemistry to obtain that gorgeous bronze! Pre and post skin care is covered within the course so your clients can leave glowing and educated!

Instantly Boost Self-Esteem and Look Thinner & More Defined!

Average results of this temporary tanning technique last approximately 3 to 7 days. Clients participating in fitness competitions, preparing to travel to sunny locales and those who simply wish for a warmer skin tone will flock to your spa once you proudly display your certification.

The Dangers of Traditional UV Tanning Options

Regardless, if you prefer to lay out in the sunshine or use a tanning bed, the UV exposure causes a dangerous chemical reaction within the skin. Melanin production or tanning occurs as a protective response from the damaging UV spectrum. The desirable golden tones that comprise a traditional suntan are the effects of sun damage.  Opting for a sunless tan can help you achieve the colour you desire without causing your skin to cry for help. Keep your clients safe and healthy by offering this wonderful addition to your spa services. Spray tanning has revolutionized the way people obtain their glow. Did you know that people under the age of 35 who utilize tanning beds have a 75% higher risk of melanoma skin cancer? Isn’t it time your spa got in on this safer alternative that is ever so popular within the skincare industry?

Benefits of Spray Tan

Imagine being able to control the amount and depth of colour while avoiding premature aging, sunburn and skin cancer. Spray tanning is a much safer way to highlight chiseled abdominal muscles or simply achieve an even skin tone. Clients who rely on the sunshine for their Vitamin D formation may wish to explore some tasty supplements instead. Your spray tan clients will be thrilled with their professional and reliable results once you and your staff obtain their Spray Tan course in the comfort of your own home from The Centre Of Wellness.

Increase Profits By Adding Spray Tan To Your Spa Service Menu Today!

Looking good contributes greatly to feeling good. Offering clients’ a healthier and safer tanning alternative can lead to repeat visits. People are no longer desiring a golden glow strictly during the summer months. Many individuals report a psychological addiction to their sun tanned skin. Enjoy providing your clients with the results they crave!

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