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Expanding your massage practice with online beauty courses

Expanding your massage practice with online beauty courses
Everybody loves and enjoys taking care of themselves. Massages have become the go-to service for relaxation across the globe and for good reason! While massages are still the most frequently booked spa treatments, there is a huge opportunity for spa practitioners to add value and increase profitability by expanding their service menus with add-on treatments.Cost-effective “express” services have skyrocketed in popularity as clients try to find a way to maximize their budgets. The perfect formula for an express spa treatment is a service that derives a desirable benefit; is easy to describe; can be accomplished in 30 minutes or less; represents a low cost to the salon/spa and little extra time from the service provider; and is priced at a point that the mainstream client gives little to no thought to the impact to his or her wallet.

Offering add-on spa services or packages and expanding your massage practice can increase your bottom line and add value for your clients without adding too much to their bank or too much trouble for you. It is even easier since you can take the course online for these services and learn at your own pace!

Here is a list of add on treatment ideas:

  • Reflexology. It is the practice of applying pressure to specific points on the feet and hands to stimulate the body’s own healing system. It can be incredibly relaxing and doesn’t involve any additional product or set up. The reflexology treatment can always be started with a foot spa bath or combined with a pedicure or a Swedish massage.
  • Facial massage. There are quite a few different types, but facial massages can be quick and easy to do at the beginning or end of massage or combined with another service. You can do this dry or with your lubricant if it is very gentle and of high quality.
  • Hot stone massage. If used as an add-on, you can simply use 6 stones, and a small heating device. There’s no need to heat up or cool a set of 30 stones, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Combined with a Swedish massage, it is divine.
  • Body Exfoliation and Mud Wraps. As complicated as it sounds, it does not require a wet room or a shower facility. The mud infuses heat into the body causing an increase in temperature, which will relax and soothe the muscles and assisting in “flushing out toxins” through sweating. This treatment is best combined with a Swedish Massage or a Reflexology service to create the perfect Spa treatment.
  • Brow tinting. It goes hand in hand with a brow shaping or any facial waxing treatment.

Any time you consider adding on to the massage or service you are offering, also consider what you can give your client to take home with them to continue the wellness benefits on their own. While you talk about at-home practices with your client, make sure to equip them with the right tools. When offering exfoliation – either with a body brush or the mitt – you have the opportunity to make an easy retail sale, one that gives your client a great at-home tool at an easy, low, price point.

Whether it is an add-on treatment or a wellness tool, clients always want to try something that will help them relax and feel good. Ready to learn a new skill and expand your service offerings? Be sure to check out all our online beauty training courses; our 17 individual courses offer comprehensive theory books, step by step written procedures, and personalised hands-on training videos to anyone wanting to work from home, expand their Salon Treatment Menu, update their skills, or just indulge a passion!

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