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Exfoliate and Radiate: Natural Ways to Enhance Your Glow

Exfoliate and Radiate: Natural Ways to Enhance Your Glow

It is estimated that over 90% of household dust is actually dead skin cells. While that figure may sound alarming and gross, the fact is our skin is in a constant state of renewal. New skin cells are produced in the dermis layer and older cells slough off from our epidermis or outer layer. Minute skin cells shed from our bodies every time we comb our hair, put on socks or change our clothes. Exfoliating on regular basis is the optimum way to help this natural fact of life and keep your skin looking exceptional and healthy in the process. The Centre of Wellness is your online resource for becoming certified in a myriad of health and wellness classes in the comfort of your own home!

Has Your Skin Become Dull and Flaky?

It can happen to the best of us. Many people rely on coffee and other dehydrating beverages that have diuretic properties; causing our bodies to release more hydration than we retain. The average person does not consume 8 to 10 glasses of fresh, pure water on a daily basis. It doesn’t take long before your face, feet, body and scalp can exude signs of severe dehydration. Large flakes of dead skin may become more prominent during seasonal changes when the weather and temperatures fluctuate. Thankfully, there are many simple ingredients available that can boost your skins’ renewal process and help you exfoliate. The Body Exfoliation and Mud Wrap Course from is a great way to learn some new techniques to enjoy ultimate skin softness and enhance your skins’ radiance.

DIY Exfoliation Remedies from Your Kitchen

Sugar scrubs, facial masks that incorporate dairy for lactic acid and fruit acids from lemon juice or red wine can all help unleash newer skin cells to provide a healthy glow. Have fun experimenting to see what works best for you. Mix some coconut oil with sugar or baking soda to create a simple face and body scrub. Make your own loofah scrubber by placing some coarse oatmeal into a nylon and using it during your next shower or bath. Alternatively, applying lactic acids or fruit acids in the form of a facial mask can do wonders to reveal your skin’s glow without any scrubbing action at all. There are so many natural exfoliation ingredients within your kitchen right now!

Moisturizing After Shower or Bath Is Best

For best results, try moisturizing your face and body right after cleansing. This is an ideal way to trap in moisture into your skin. Try getting into the habit of patting your skin as opposed to rubbing so that you can increase your water consumption on a topical level. Daily moisturizing is essential to protecting your skin from the elements and trapping that essential layer of moisture. Hydration is essential both inwardly and outwardly to maintain a youthful glow.

Skin: Our Largest Organ

Most people name heart, lungs, liver etc. when asked to list organs. However, your skin is actually your largest organ in your body. Responsible for touch receptors, providing a vital barrier to your muscles and internal organs, conducting eliminatory functions (among numerous other qualities), it is a direct reflection of your overall health and well being. Staying hydrated and moisturized is only half of the battle. Beauty sleep refers to enjoying enough daily rest so that your body can conduct its healing and purification processes. Nutrition is vital to how your skin looks and feels. Fish oils and essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals are all necessary to obtain on daily basis for optimum results.

Centre of Wellness: Courses You Can Utilize

Becoming certified in a multitude of health and wellness classes in the comfort of your own home is a wonderful concept. Enjoy informative tutorials and have any questions or concerns that may arise answered in a timely manner. Regardless if you have your own spa or simply want to expand your beauty knowledge and experience, has a plethora of fun, informative and practical classes. Check us out today!

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