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Enhance Your Skills: Makeup Courses Online

Enhance Your Skills: Makeup Courses Online

Are you a creatively charged individual who enjoys challenges? Perhaps you love to experiment with colours and enjoy making people feel radiant. Now is a great time to increase your spa offerings and enhance your skills. The Centre of Wellness offers a unique online Makeup Application Course with all of the tips and tricks you need to know to create a professional portfolio.

Perfect Makeup Application Is Attainable

Trying to replicate your favourite style is much easier with appropriate training under your belt. This course is ideal for those who wish to apply themselves for special occasion makeovers including Weddings, Prom, Graduation ceremonies or photo shoots. You will learn all about preparing the face and from start to finish; inspiring a fresh face and ultimate staying power. Our online makeup course includes the Deep Cleanse procedure, which we recommended performing prior to makeup application for best results. Feel secure in knowing you are offering your clients all facets of a gorgeous face. Enhancing natural beauty with well-appointed dramatic flair is the key to ensuring your clients’ look and feel their very best. Avoid using the wrong products for different skin types and relying on too much product; which can lead to a masked and uncomfortable appearance.

Magically Minimize Faults With Industry Secrets

Shading, contouring, enhancing and softening are skills required to obtain a professional profile. This class teaches much more than achieving the end result. Learn about vital steps including, cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Understanding how to hide flaws and enhance features is the key recipe behind any great makeup application. Spider veins, dark circles, freckles and frown lines can easily be diminished with a talented hand. Perhaps the best part of this online course is that you will be able to apply certain steps to your existing makeup routine as well!

Techniques Covered Include

The Centre of Wellness believes in providing pertinent information in a well laid out format for each of our courses. Teenagers, along with those currently working in a spa atmosphere will be equally delighted in their new skills. If you have always dreamed of becoming a makeup artist, now is your chance! Topics covered include:

*Assessing Skin Type and Condition
*Facial Cleansing Procedures
*Facial Analysis
*Highlighting and Corrections
*Hair and Skin Colour Indications
*Product Selection
*Problem Solvers

Enjoy a comprehensive theory book along with step-by-step written procedures. An informative training video is part of the package along with a complete product and equipment list. Students will undergo a short answer test to prove their competency. Enjoy the freedom of studying from home and around your schedule with our accessible online courses. Making the transition to becoming a Professional Makeup Artist is within your grasp. There is a high demand for an artistic makeup career within worldwide industries. Enjoy the ability to travel while making the most of your creative talents. The Centre of Wellness can help you achieve great things. Contact us today to get started!

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