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Add Swedish Massage Techniques to Your Spa Practice

Add Swedish Massage Techniques to Your Spa Practice

Imagine being able to perform one of the most recognized and relaxing bodywork techniques available. Swedish Massage utilizes long, gliding strokes to facilitate a soothing, oxygen enriching and therapeutic treatment. Beneficial for helping the body release accumulated toxins and enhancing flexibility, this technique additionally increases the oxygen levels within the blood.

The Centre of Wellness offers an in depth online course in Swedish Massage Therapy. Catapult your spa treatment offerings and become certified at Learn the correct hand positions, pressure and techniques to deliver smooth, gliding strokes following the natural direction of blood returning to the heart. Your clients will appreciate your increased ability to ease tension and offer a deeper and more beneficial massage. Simple relaxation massages feel nice but a Swedish Massage elevates healing and relaxation to the next level.

The 5 Components of Swedish Massage

There are five specific hallmarks that the Swedish Massage technique covers. Once you master these moves, your clients, family and friends alike will be booking continuous appointments with you! Ideal for increasing circulation to combat joint stiffness and joint pain, this type of massage has been used favourably by individuals suffering from Osteoarthritis. The following 5 Swedish Massage techniques were perfected by Per Henrik Ling, a Swedish doctor, physical therapist, teacher and educator:

Tapotement or Rhythmic Tapping This method relies on fists made from cupped hands to facilitate a rhythmic tapping sequence. This revitalizing movement stimulates the muscles and loosens them so that the tissues can relax.

Effleurage This is the gliding or sliding component of Swedish Massage. Long strokes in a slow motion utilize both light and firm pressure with the fingertips or the palm of the hand. This massage technique works exceptionally well for releasing muscle knots developed from tension.

Friction Learn how to utilize your palms to create friction by rubbing them together in order to create heat prior to massaging the client. This method is excellent for preparing the muscles of the body to stretch and embrace a deeper level of massage.

Petrissage Kneading the muscles facilitates deeper massage and a high level of relaxation to the muscle tissues. The knuckles and thumbs of the fingers are used to squeeze the muscles and encourage circulation.

Shaking or Vibration This technique loosens muscle fibres and tissues by using the heels of the hands and fingertips to shake up the muscles. Any component of the hand can partake including the sides of the hands, heel or fingertips.

Study At Your Convenience

Enjoy the ability to take the Swedish Massage course from the Centre of Wellness online at your convenience. Enhance your spa offerings around your current work schedule. Comprehensive videos entail details on how to perform each of the aforementioned skills. Offer harmonizing, balancing serenity to your clients, family and friends by discovering this and all of our other health and wellness online classes. Take the full Swedish Massage course online today and enjoy being able to offer your clients even more! Check out all of our customized classes and build your repeat clientele by staying up to date and extending your spa services.

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